Who is Truffled Chef?

Truffled Chef is an in-home personal chef service. We help many people who find it hard to meal plan, prepare, and cook every day. Our goal is to provide families and individuals a healthy and delicious meal without you having to deal with the planning and making so you can have more time for more important things. Often, your busy schedule gets in the way and does not allow you to prepare healthy meals for yourself or your family. Truffled Chef is here to remove that from you.

Can Truffled Chef Cater To People With Special Dietary Restrictions?

Truffled Chef understands the hardships of someone with special dietary needs, especially when it comes to finding a balanced meal tailored for them in restaurants or even planning and preparing food at home. We also know the struggle of busy families and individuals with fitness goals trying to make healthy home-cooked meals for the whole family or themselves amidst their daily grind. Our highly-trained chefs will help you eat healthily without the hassle so you can spend more time on other things you would like to do.

Can I book Truffled Chef for special occasions?

Certainly! Not only Truffled Chef is here to provide delicious meals for your everyday needs, but we also cater to your special occasion needs. We have personally experienced the hassle of booking table reservations in restaurants, and we do not want a similar experience for you. Besides, we have seen many families, couples, and acquaintances cancel outdoor dinner plans because they would rather eat and celebrate at home. We want to give you an alternative dinner with people who are special to you. You deserve to eat delicious food in the comfort of your home!

How do I avail Truffled Chef service?

Starting your Truffled Chef service is easy! First, you need to fill-out our client consultation form found here or simply select the plan that suits your lifestyle here. After filling out the form/selecting a plan, we will then send your first menu for your approval. Once approved, a welcome kit that contains all the things you need to know to enjoy Truffled Chef will be sent, and on the day of service, your personal Chef will prepare your healthy meal, and you’ll have more time for other important things.

What do I need to avail of Truffled Chef services?

Our Chef may bring kitchen utensils and equipment if you do not have them. Your pantry does not have to be stocked up with herbs and spices, as we can get them for you along with other ingredients. In time, your pantry will be stocked up for future meal preparations, lowering the cost of groceries. To start your Truffled Chef service, you will need to have a working stove, an oven, and freezer-friendly containers for extra meals/servings. You also need to be home during the visit; if this is not possible, a special arrangement can be made.

How much is the cost?

Check out our pricing page here for our pricing structure and guideline for the in-home Personal Chef Service and Celebrations By Truffled Chef. Our Chef does everything for you—plan your meal, shop for ingredients, cook, and clean your kitchen as we go. You may also opt to shop for your ingredients or suggest your menu.

Celebrations By Truffled Chef

Truffled Chef can cater to intimate gatherings for your families and friends. We can provide tailored, creative, and delicious menu options for traditional, vegetarian, paleo, and other special diets you might have. Our pricing for celebrations is customized because each event is distinct. Prices depend on the number of guests, menu, ingredients, time, special arrangements, and requirements. You can request a quote for your next event here.

How do I pay for Truffled Chef?

The first visit must be paid in advance. You may settle your bill for the succeeding visits after each appointed date through our website with your credit card, debit card or PayPal. We’ll send you the invoice too via email.

How does scheduling work?

You have full control of the scheduling! Your Truffled Chef will work around the schedule that best fits your lifestyle. Don’t hesitate to contact us to schedule your very own Truffled Chef

Can I stop the service anytime?

If you wish to cancel your services before your last visit ends, you have to pay the remainder of your service fee capped at $199. You can try out our service first to see if Truffled Chef is fit for your needs, during this trial period, you are not in any way obliged to commit to the minimum number of visits required. After the trial period, the number of visits according to your plan should be consumed in 75 days, though. Once a date has been booked, you may notify us for cancelation no less than 48 hours. Cancellation cannot be made after that period.

I have other questions not found here.

That will be no problem; we will be more than happy to answer them for you. Please send us an email at info@truffledchef.com